Unlucky People Who Painfully Lost The Food Lottery

The food lottery is the closest thing you'll get to winning an actual lottery. But, the poor souls in this video lost that food lottery. The unlucky people in this video seriously lost out - suffering from the worst food picks ever! 
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Credit: https://pastebin.com/NxNXwFii

What's the most disappointing carrot you've ever seen? I bet it didn't even come close to this one! You'd get more energy from eating the stem on this! Clearly the person that bought this didn't mind it that much either, though they must have still been furious to find a tiny peice of broccoli had been engulfed by a sea of albino brothers. I suppose if the buyer of this truly wanted more, they should have gone for the one labeled 'blueberries' waffle. Cheetos are another great tasting food, but I don't think you'd eat the whole pack if you opened it up to find this - a massive brick of cheese flavouring, instead of actual cheetos. 
If you looked at this pack from above you'd imagine the whole bar was exquisite chocolate blended with cranberries. What happens if your selling cheeseburgers and you run out of cheese? You improvise, sort of conning your customers in the process. Look at this burger bought on the streets of Manila. Look at this box - TWO SCOOPS raisin bran. Could it not be spelled out any more clearly? If only kelloggs stuck to their promise though. Whats worse than a blueberry muffin with a single blueberry in it? Correct. A blueberry Nuffin. A blue berry muffin without a blueberry in it.Backed beans now. What easier, fart-friendly food is their? Well, if you ever open up a tin and see it filled with only water inside like this, you know that someone has clearly already spilled the beans.
I don't know how this one happened, but someone searching for wine found a still-sealed bottle, that was only 1/5th full in the store. Someone must have been having fun on the job! I also have no clue as to how this happened. Someone bit into a chocolate M& M, only to find that it was layers of SHELL! Its like M&M inception. Strawberries go through a lot. Look at this gangsta berry. It was cut open, only to find some pellet had been shot into it. At least you could be sure its dead though! A pack of ONLY yellow skittles here! Mind you, it would be a win for someone with OCD, now they won't have to separate out the colours!